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The Arias: Our Story

The Gift of Gold

The Arias first embarked on their musical journey together singing sacred Christmas classics, a love they all share, back in 2014.  But their origin goes back earlier to when Suzanne Thiessen, Jeri-Leanne Kemsley and Stephanie Reddicopp were singing and performing in church theatre productions, leading worship, writing and recording solo projects or singing in other bands that played an influential role in shaping their paths as musicians and ultimately bringing them together.

As The Arias, they have collectively found their signature sound, where their voices are at the helm, each soaring with the lead and then seamlessly weaving in and out with beautifully arranged harmony. The Arias add soulful touches and new arrangements to contemporary gospel/worship music, as well as create original music, add in breathtaking a cappella and are still shining brightly as they share beloved Christmas classics and holiday cheer! 

The women with the golden voices officially named themselves The Arias in 2018 and have since developed a tightly knit friendship. The road that brought them together has had its share of struggles, hardship, disappointments and trials but they've learned to lean on one another, uphold each other in prayer and commit their path to their Everlasting, Loving Father.  The Lord Jesus is the Rock whom they cling to and is their ultimate source of Hope for which they sing. The Arias exist to share this Hope through the gift of gold the Lord has given them.

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